Understanding and evaluating zero trust

Mar 25, 2024
Risk consulting Cybersecurity consulting Managed cloud and IT Cloud services

Today’s borderless world of business and data means that no one and no device can be intrinsically trusted. Zero trust delivers a viable, best-practice approach to cybersecurity, with a foundation that includes the following principles:

  • It’s critical to build out multilayered security protections revolving around multiple tools, technologies and methods.
  • Everything must be woven together in a unified fabric.
  • Identity and access controls are at the foundation of zero trust. They must extend across the security framework.

Although the concept is simple enough, assembling a successful strategy and implementing it requires deep experience. Our evaluation guide offers valuable information for putting zero trust to work in your organization, including:

  • What zero trust is and why you need it
  • The steps to achieving a zero trust framework
  • What to look for in a zero trust solution

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