Top 10 SAP audit and security risks

Securing your system and vital data

Feb 25, 2021
Business risk consulting Cybersecurity consulting

SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of many organizations, with countless applications and modules that efficiently manage business processes. The platform is secure, but as systems become more customized, vulnerabilities can emerge if companies are not careful and planning is not thorough. Organizations must know the potential risks to their SAP systems to help ensure they are secure and deliver on their expected benefits.

For many organizations, their chief concern regarding their SAP system is compliance with regulatory guidelines. However, external threats are emerging to ERP platforms, as hackers seek to exploit vulnerabilities to access sensitive employee, customer and company data. To help limit potential exposure, organizations must shift their focus to address common risks, including:

  • Inadequate FireFighter controls
  • Improper segregation of duties
  • Ineffective custom object controls
  • Misaligned application controls
  • Infrastructure security vulnerabilities
  • Insufficient contractor and vendor management processes

An organization’s SAP platform is a major investment and, in many cases, the most critical part of the business, managing several key processes and important data. Therefore, companies must know their potential risks and implement strategies to manage access and monitor activity. As the growing threat to ERP systems is proving, all data has value to criminals. Organizations must be proactive to protect themselves before it is too late.

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