Protect against disaster with a business continuity plan

Jun 12, 2019
Jun 12, 2019
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Disasters can come in a variety of forms such as fires, hurricanes and earthquakes, affecting businesses in all regions and industries. Continuity of operations in the midst of a disaster is critical for your business and the challenges to maintain continuity are growing on a daily basis. However, the demand for resiliency and reliability of your organization has also grown from customers and investors, and your business continuity plan (BCP) must keep pace with these expectations.

Continuity regulations and requirements continually evolve and the world around you is changing with shorter lead times, increased technical recovery capabilities and fierce competition from competitors. Your customers' expectations have changed, and if you cannot deliver on obligations—regardless of circumstances—they will look elsewhere. This white paper presents common BCP issues and concerns, and analyzes testing strategies and capability improvements you can implement in order to help ensure that your plan is sufficient and protects your organization.