Is your board cyber savvy?

How to avoid and navigate cyber incidents with planning and helpful resources

Mar 03, 2022
Cybersecurity consulting Cybersecurity

RSM’s Joe Benfatti, partner, and Bethany Mayer, chair of the board and chair of the compensation committee for Box, spoke with NACD’s Northern California Chapter on how to ensure board members are cyber-savvy.

Regardless of what industry you hail from or how large a company you may be, no business is immune to cyber threats. We discussed the benefits of strategic resource management and how other companies have avoided or navigated serious cyber incidents through effective planning. We then broke into smaller groups to take a closer look at the best practices board members should consider when evaluating their own cyber incident prevention and preparation plans.

They discuss the answers to pressing questions like:

  • Given the situation in Ukraine, what should boards do to ensure that their companies are prepared for the potential of nation-state cybersecurity attacks?
  • How have boards gone about assessing the security posture of their company? How does the board handle cybersecurity in committees and the broader board?
  • Where is the Securities and Exchange Commission going with cybersecurity disclosures? What will these disclosures mean for your boards?
  • Does the board have visibility into how the company is managing its software and cloud supply chains and what should the board be asking to understand the threat from the supply chain?


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