SPAC mergers: Guide to 9 critical business areas for going public

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A SPAC merger has all the complexity of an IPO compressed into a short timeframe.

When you’re navigating the process, you’ll want to focus on the following nine key business areas, which are critical to your SPAC readiness:

Financial reporting

Get ready to comply with public company reporting requirements.

Financial planning and analysis

Ensure you have the expertise to provide reliable and accurate expectations to the marketplace.

Human resources

Don’t overlook the people side of the equation.


Make sure your IT strategy is aligned to support business growth.

Deal advisory and due diligence

Get help with the preparation and execution of the SPAC merger process.

Corporate strategy and development

Optimize value creation.


Maximize your tax benefits and minimize tax risks.

Corporate governance, legal, and compliance

Establish a robust governance structure and mitigate risks.

Internal audit, controls, and risk

Complete risk assessment and roadmap preparation for SOX compliance and SPAC readiness.

Most companies simply don’t have all the resources and expertise in-house to effectively navigate the SPAC merger process and ensure the success of their transition to a public company.

Find out what you need to know and how to get the help you need for true SPAC readiness.

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