SPAC mergers: Guide to 9 critical business areas for going public

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A SPAC merger has all the complexity of an IPO compressed into a short timeframe.

When you’re navigating the process, you’ll want to focus on the following nine key business areas, which are critical to your SPAC readiness:

  • Financial reporting: Get ready to comply with public company reporting requirements.
  • Financial planning and analysis: Ensure you have the expertise to provide reliable and accurate expectations to the marketplace.
  • Human resources: Don’t overlook the people side of the equation.
  • Technology: Make sure your IT strategy is aligned to support business growth.
  • Deal advisory and due diligence: Get help with the preparation and execution of the SPAC merger process.
  • Corporate strategy and development: Optimize value creation.
  • Taxes: Maximize your tax benefits and minimize tax risks.
  • Corporate governance, legal, and compliance: Establish a robust governance structure and mitigate risks.
  • Internal audit, controls, and risk: Complete risk assessment and roadmap preparation for SOX compliance and SPAC readiness.

Most companies simply don’t have all the resources and expertise in-house to effectively navigate the SPAC merger process and ensure the success of their transition to a public company.

Find out what you need to know and how to get the help you need for true SPAC readiness.

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