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Staying true to their core expertise

Five organizations realize the benefits of outsourcing

Sep 13, 2022
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Outsourcing non-core functions gives businesses the ability to focus on customer service and business growth.

Find out how these five companies are benefiting from using RSM’s outsourcing services.

Confronting the challenges

Middle market businesses face a range of challenges when trying to fill the gaps in people, experience, and skills of their workforce. Increasingly, they’re turning to outsourcing and managed services to leverage the talent these firms offer.

In fact, a recent RSM survey, "What's driving the talent gap" found that 59% of the middle market business leaders use outsourcing and/or managed services to address their talent gaps.


RSM has compiled a portfolio of five middle market businesses that each used outsourcing to build the teams they need to focus on their core business, scale rapidly and fill the need for specialized skills.

Learn how each of these businesses makes outsourcing work.

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How RSM can help

RSM has a full range of managed services to develop a customized solution to meet your needs.

Learn more about what’s driving the middle market talent gap, what companies are struggling with most and how it’s affecting organizations and their staff. Request our June 2022 research study, “What’s driving the middle market talent gap?”