RSM’s FAO solutions help alleviate common back-office challenges

More efficient processes with enhanced insight into real-time data

Jun 08, 2017
Jun 08, 2017
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Many middle market companies can struggle to meet growth initiatives due to a lack of timely and thorough business information. In many organizations, key back-office functions are inefficient, and manual processes require significant time to play catch-up when the focus could be on improving core processes. A competitive hiring landscape has increased finance and accounting turnover that further complicates the business and stifles productivity. 

RSM’s finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) solutions help to reduce your back-office complexity, providing consistent solutions to help you make better business decisions. Our comprehensive services help to implement more efficient processes with enhanced visibility into real-time information, often at a reduced total cost of ownership. The FAO platform includes several advantages, including:

  • Scalability to account for business growth
  • Flexibility to effectively manage business changes
  • Technology utilization to automate processes and increase focus on core strengths  

Our advisors combine finance and accounting experience with extensive industry knowledge to develop and implement customized FAO solutions that align with your current and future needs. These platforms strengthen your entire back-office structure, from transaction processing and approvals to reporting and analysis.  

RSM’s FAO team understands your back-office needs and the challenges that your industry presents. Our outsourced finance and accounting solutions can help you create efficiencies, gain new and enhanced insights into critical business data and remove barriers to growth.