Making the case for outsourcing

An RSM podcast series on the benefits of outsourcing

Until recently, high costs put the outsourcing of core business services out of reach for many middle market companies. However, prices have come down considerably, and that, combined with the increasing complexity of running a growing business, has made the benefits of outsourcing muchy more attainable for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Growing companies can face challenges when trying to leverage technology advances and gain related process efficiencies. Skilled labor can be difficult to attract and retain, and finding the right mix of technical, regulatory and industry experience is often problematic. Outsourcing can help to fill these gaps, while also gaining potentially significant cost savings and aligning internal resources to more strategic growth areas of the business.

In this podcast series, RSM advisors explain the value and benefits of outsourcing, from finance and accounting to technology and compliance. You’ll learn how to successfully leverage outside knowledge and resources to better run your business. The series includes:

Learn how middle market companies are utilizing outsourcing to keep pace with process improvements and key skillsets necessary to implement best practices and increase business growth.

In a complex compliance landscape, learn why outsourcing is becoming a key resource to actively address and mitigate risks to key business processes and systems. 

Gain insight into how finance and accounting outsourcing can help growing companies streamline processes and increase back office effectiveness for better performance and reduced costs.  

Understand how outsourcing can help organizations better take advantage of technology advances, increasing security capabilities and enabling enhanced and on-demand access to information.

RSM contributors