Lease accounting: ASC 842 software selection guide

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Do you know how to evaluate ASC 842 technology solutions?

ASC 842 represents a significant shift in lease accounting standards and many technology solutions can ease the transition and help organizations remain compliant. Platforms are rapidly adapting to keep up with new requirements, but implementation can be complex, and not all solutions align with the needs of all organizations and industries.

Learn how to assess available ASC 842 technology solutions with our new “ASC 842 Software Selection Guide.” The e-book provides several key details to help you make an informed technology decision, including:

  • Compliance in laymen’s terms
  • An ASC 842 readiness questionnaire
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Selecting your approach to become compliant
  • A major software solutions comparison matrix
  • How to select the right implementation partner

Download the guide