Family office advisor: RSM’s Bill Bijesse named to Insider list

Sep 09, 2021
Family office services

Insider recently named 21 family office advisors, accountants and lawyers to consider when starting a family office, and RSM’s Bill Bijesse was among the group.

Bijesse, who joined the firm’s family office enterprise in February, has spent more than 25 years as a trusted advisor to billionaire families and their family office leaders, mainly as an in-house or outsourced chief investment officer. Aided by his expansive Rolodex, he provides advice on governance, leading service providers, single-family office best practices and more.

“Bill’s experience and network serve as a compass for each family office he works with, regardless of their business issues, maturity or complexity,” says Tony Wood, RSM global family office leader. “From my front-row seat, it’s easy to see the value he provides families that are starting a family office. It will only help families that Insider sees the same thing, and for that we are grateful.”

You can read the full Insider article here. Please note a subscription is required.

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