The Essentials for Supply Chain E-Commerce

Guide for Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers

Sep 20, 2020
Digital evolution Data & digital services Digital transformation

Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers all have common goals: to optimize the supply chain, to strengthen customer relationships, to drive more revenue, and to embrace digital.

The obvious solution to help achieve these goals is e-commerce, but the right strategy will differ across business types. Your ERP, however, is crucial to success across the board.

 With this whitepaper, you’ll gain a roadmap to supply chain and e-commerce success, including:

  • What are the challenges across the supply chain today — and how can you address them?
  • How does supply chain management impact the quality of e-commerce?
  • How are disruptors, like the rise of direct-to-consumer sales, impacting competition and profitability among manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors?