Successfully transforming to a modern workplace

Jan 21, 2021
Modern work solutions
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The workplace as we traditionally know it has changed. Even before COVID-19, several modern workplace applications existed, but the pandemic has led many companies to evaluate and implement new digital tools that increase productivity and collaboration as office boundaries continue to evolve.

RSM principal Geoff Hopkins delivered a presentation at a recent IT IMPACKT virtual event, providing insights into implementing a more effective modern workplace strategy and details about key Microsoft applications.

Organizations are quickly understanding the depth of benefits that modern workplace solutions can provide. They give users freedom from typical boundaries, with new methods of working, managing and securing your work environment. Security is no longer bound to a premise, as user bases have expanded to multiple office locations, pop-up ventures and a number of other industry-defined-expansions.

A main focus of the modern workplace is enabling users to work from anywhere on any device, with confidence that productivity, security and capabilities are not degraded. Whenever someone has the opportunity, the modern workplace helps users get more done.

With an effective modern workplace approach, creativity has no bounds. View the video below to learn how employees can enhance and capture information in new ways, while also introducing new opportunities for automation.