RSM works with Sana Commerce to elevate e-commerce capabilities

Sep 03, 2019
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Sana Commerce, an ERP-integrated e-commerce solution provider, is proud to announce its latest strategic partnership: a collaboration with RSM US LLP (RSM), the nation’s leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market.

By working with RSM, Sana can put a laser focus on the company’s Microsoft Dynamics-powered e-commerce experiences and serve its Dynamics customers better than ever before. The arrangement will enable Sana’s customers to reduce the number of vendors and software solutions they need to manage, but it also means much more.

“For Sana, it’s a huge milestone to have RSM, the biggest Microsoft Dynamics reseller in the market, as an implementation partner,” says Ryan Steigerwald, Strategic Alliances Manager at Sana Commerce.

“Having been selected as RSM’s go-to software for Dynamics clients tells us that they are not only emphasizing the investment their clients are already making in Microsoft Dynamics, but are also prioritizing providing their customers with the best possible ERP-integrated e-commerce experience. It’s a meaningful vote of confidence to know that our strategic partners believe wholeheartedly in our value proposition and feel that Sana can play a key role in helping them achieve their customer-centric e-commerce goals.”

As a result of the arrangement, RSM’s clients will be able to leverage their Dynamics ERP systems even further through the extension of investment into the e-commerce space.

“This arrangement expands on our ability to serve our clients who use Microsoft Dynamics in B2B and B2C scenarios for a variety of industries,” said Oleg Glubochansky, director with RSM US LLP. “It enhances our continued leadership in the digital and online retail spaces, and underscores our commitment to serving as a trusted advisor to our clients.”

This is just the beginning for Sana. It’s a critical step toward achieving the company’s long-term vision of building an ecosystem within which partners across North America trust, promote and implement Sana regularly for their clients. This partnership showcases the firm’s ability to be a valuable and powerful strategic partner.