More than data: Three companies find success in the cloud

Nov 01, 2022
Digital evolution Digital transformation Managed cloud and IT

A move to the cloud can mean more flexibility, remote access and greater efficiency, but many companies find that the right cloud services can enhance more than their access to data. 

The journey to the cloud can be daunting, but the benefits have proven transformative for many middle market companies. If your organization is uneasy about migrating infrastructure to the cloud, RSM can help. With a deep talent bench and technology experience, RSM can tailor a solution to fit your specific regulatory and business needs and help you select the solutions that work best.

See how we helped three companies across three different industries navigate their cloud journey, and discover how we can help you do it too.

First Federal Credit Union

“RSM isn’t just throwing products at us. They’re actively participating and looking at institutions our size and offering those types of products and services.”

CHRIS NEAL, First Federal Credit Union, Senior Vice President of Operations


“With the Microsoft and RSM solutions, we’ve been able to address these problems by making accurate, real-time information about operations available to everyone who needs it.”

TRAVIS PIERCE, Tillamook, Director of Information Technology

Raba Kistner

“RSM will continue to be utilized going forward. There’s no ifs ands or butts about it because there’s going to be projects that we need their help with.”

SCOTT RIPPER, Raba Kistner, Network Manager 


Download the case study portfolio to see how three middle market companies transformed their businesses with the help of RSM.