Making financial dashboards and metrics work for your restaurant


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Turbo boost your restaurant business with intuitive dashboards that provide real-time insights into your financial and operational performance. Easily monitor critical metrics such as cost of goods sold, prime costs, labor cost percentage and more to drive successful business outcomes.

In this e-book from Sage, learn about the power of tracking your organization to measurable data.

The situations brought forth by COVID-19, including increasing customer expectations, slimming margins and stalling indoor dining reopenings, among other pressures, have caused restaurant finance leaders to look for smarter financial management techniques.

These techniques are about gleaning insights from vast amounts of ever-changing data, and then enabling action. They provide the ability to set goals aligned with a greater objective—whether it’s customer satisfaction, employee retention, food quality, marketing impact or others—and track progress toward them.

Tracking your business to metrics on a day-to-day basis has never been more important. Having the right measurable data at your fingertips will enable you to chart a course forward.