Digital transformation: Upgrading government to serve Americans better

By our partners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Sep 26, 2023
Digital transformation

The march of innovation continues to transform our everyday lives and how we connect with friends, family and colleagues—it’s also reshaping how citizens interact with their government. 

Lagging behind

In 2001, a mere 30% of Americans filed their taxes online, but this surged to over 90% by 2019. However, despite some progress, federal information technology (IT) still needs to catch up to the private sector, primarily due to underinvestment and bureaucratic roadblocks that slow the uptake of essential technologies. As technology advances and becomes easier to use and more accessible, it offers the government the potential to improve its public service with innovative, citizen-focused solutions and services.

Tech upgrade 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched its digital transformation working group in 2021 to bridge this gap. The working group collaborates with the IT Modernization Caucus on Capitol Hill and agency chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) to emphasize how reliance on antiquated systems hampers seamless citizen-government interaction. The group’s mission is two-fold:

  • Promote tech adoption: Raise awareness among the public and policymakers about the crucial need for government adoption of advanced technology and data analytics.
  • Eliminate red tape: Tackle barriers preventing IT modernization across federal, state and local levels while advocating for nationwide solutions through lawmaking and interagency cooperation.

Important research

To continue highlighting the benefits of modernization, the Chamber published a report titled “Government Digitization: Transforming Government to Better Serve Americans.” The report provided an in-depth analysis of how modernizing government IT can better serve the American public, reduce costs, increase efficiency and build necessary resilience within the government.

Group chat

To underscore the urgency for change, the Chamber hosted its inaugural Digital Transformation Summit on Feb. 2, 2023. The summit brought together leaders from the private sector and government entities such as the General Service Administration, Office of Management and Budget, and Departments of Transportation, Veteran Affairs and the Interior. They addressed the challenges and opportunities related to digitizing government services for citizens. 

  • Big takeaway: Americans deserve a government equipped with technology as cutting-edge as what they use in their work, training and private business dealings.

In development

Our digital transformation journey is just getting started. The Chamber is preparing for our second annual Digital Transformation Summit in March 2024. We also plan to release our second digital transformation report later this year. The report will emphasize how investment in IT modernization saves taxpayers money and offers widespread benefits across the government.

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