Digital Transformation Report 2018-19: the E-commerce (R)evolution

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Get the latest data on digital transformation and B2B e-commerce from around the world

Last year, we published a trend report to evaluate if — and why— B2B brands were adopting digital transformation as part of their overall business strategies. This year’s edition of the report dives a little deeper.

We understand that investing in digital transformation is now the norm for brands, and instead focus on how digital transformation is impacting B2B e-commerce maturity.

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  • The stages of e-commerce maturity today (and where brands are getting stuck).
  • The impact of e-commerce on business models
  • Upcoming threats from other businesses, new sales channels and international markets
  • Industry-specific and regional data for the businesses surveyed (including automotive, food and beverage, construction, electronics, healthcare, machinery and packaging, etc.) across North American and European markets. 

Get important insights on a range of topics that bring your business to the next level and maintain your competitive edge. Stay on top of the latest trends. Get your copy of the report today.

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