Customer experience and the transformation imperative

Understanding the role of digital across the organization

May 16, 2022

Key takeaways

Companies’ ability to improve the customer experience depends on leveraging new technologies.

Developing new products/services ranks as the most important factor for growth in 2022.

Companies are doubling down on their ability to utilize data to inform strategy.

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Survey reveals how corporate boards view the digital imperative

RSM US LLP and Corporate Board Member surveyed over 200 executives about the importance of digital innovation and strategies. The results are analyzed in the Transformation Imperative report, which offers a detailed look at the challenges and opportunities in embracing digital solutions.

According to the survey, two-thirds of directors say their companies’ ability to improve the customer experience depends on their success in leveraging new technologies. In fact, most board members say their companies embrace new technology primarily to improve the customer experience. Clearly, digital innovation is key to enhancing the customer experience, and organizations that neglect digital solutions run the risk of losing customers.

The Transformation Imperative report discusses how companies can learn from customers digitally and use that data to learn and adjust. Finding out directly from customers what they want is invaluable information, and digital technologies will be a crucial component in the ongoing quest to improve the customer experience.

To find out more about how companies are embracing digital solutions to better serve their customers, and to learn about other vital aspects of the digital imperative, download the full report. 

Digital transformation for enhanced CX: Free guide 

Technology can remove obstacles enhancing customer experience, including adding capabilities to predict what customers want and serve them in multiple channels with consistent, predictable and personalized contact along the customer journey.