Addressing key middle market challenges through business applications

May 17, 2022

A growing number of business apps can help middle market companies overcome challenges or frustrations, and take advantage of potential opportunities.

However, involving the right people is critical when developing a business apps strategy. While your IT staff is an important element and certainly should provide input when considering solutions, a plan should begin with executives and key stakeholders that create the vision for the company. Any new technology investments must coordinate with that vision to develop a consistent path for continued growth and success.

In addition, your search should not focus on a single provider or business apps platform, and you may require external support for insight into emerging technology. For example, RSM provides several distinct platforms from leading companies including Microsoft, Intacct and NetSuite. Understanding the strengths of potential solutions and how they can enhance your productivity is important to finding and implementing the right fit.

In this CEO Chat video, RSM principal Michele Juliana discusses how implementing an optimal business apps strategy can help your business in several key areas, including:

  • Predictive analytics: Companies are reliant on data to drive decision-making, and business apps can help you navigate and properly utilize your information
  • Cybersecurity: Emerging technology can help your business have the right security and controls in place to discourage hackers
  • Digital transformation: While digital transformation means different things to different companies, you should be considering digital solutions and how they can enhance your business

With the growing influence of technology, almost every company has in essence become a technology company that also provides its products or services. Learn how to make investments wisely, and pace your business apps strategy with effective resources and advice.