Framework and facilitation for project management

Jan 22, 2019
Jan 22, 2019
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The ability to not only manage the work within the framework but to also facilitate a project in a dynamic environment is critical to the success of any project. Projects are structured with key deliverables based upon agreed-upon time, cost and quality constraints. The goal, of course, being to deliver to the scope of work, on time, on budget and with approved change management to meet the objective.

The framework to accomplish these initiatives promotes a structured environment to provide a strategic roadmap which will guide the transformation of the business with evolution of the project. The delivery of the project is typically handled in five parts or phases:

  • Pre-Engagement
  • Mobilize
  • Execute and manage
  • Close
  • Operate

This framework will help drive the progression of the project to manage the people, process and technology to create a vision and culture to support the future state. A critical component to managing projects is not only the framework but also the facilitation of it. A project manager owns the deliverables or objectives but the scope is not limited to only the framework, rather a project manager must adapt to the environment and client to facilitate the project to completion.

A project facilitator ensures the client, stakeholders and suppliers are aligned on objectives and assists them to meet or exceed these objectives by not only managing the framework progression but by providing hands on expertise when needed to advance the project. Resources can be restricted within some projects, a more hands-on approach is needed to achieve or exceed the desired result. The project manager should maintain the pulse of the environment to be able to adjust accordingly to ensure productivity. This type of expertise will not only align efforts, but also collaborate across the business to provide a sustainable product or service in the future.

There are many different tools and methodologies to choose from as a project manager to track and communicate the development of the framework and facilitation for a project. Regardless of the method or tool, communication is always key with clients and stakeholders.