A primer for board members

Improving performance with sales enablement tools

Jun 22, 2021
Global strategy Business strategy

Customers and markets are evolving, and in order to drive revenue growth, your business’s sales model must keep pace. Board members can help by encouraging a data-driven, customer-focused sales model that uses sales enablement tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

Download RSM’s free guide and learn how modern sales teams are:

  • Using CRM, marketing automation and other sales enablement tools to nurture prospects through the sales funnel
  • Presenting relevant content to prospects early in the buyer’s journey
  • Identifying and prioritizing the most promising leads for targeted sales outreach
  • Adapting to longer sales cycles with new approaches to customer engagement
  • Using AI predictive modeling and other advanced technology to gain a fuller picture of customer intent
  • Learning from their most successful salespeople for continual improvement

Solutions such as machine learning, IoT, APIs, edge computing and global mobility are part of the modern organization’s sales tool kit. Are they part of yours?

If not, our guide will help you identify new ways sales enablement tools can align your marketing and sales efforts to achieve organizational goals and evolve along with your customers.

Download the guide