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Corporate leadership: Resilience and reinvention

How boards of directors can help their companies grow from crises

Dec 08, 2021
Labor and workforce Economics Digital transformation

Board members have done their best to respond as public health and economic crises have evolved over the last two years. The scope of challenges has been exacerbated by uncertainty, amounting to an unprecedented test.

Here we are, though, in an economic recovery full of positive momentum. As the calendar flips to 2022, we celebrate our collective resilience: our ability to reinvent strategies, processes and products.

Lessons from the crises have not come easily. Gains have been hard-won. But as corporate leaders ingrain them in their business, they become more capable of withstanding future challenges and, just as importantly, seizing opportunities.

What exactly have corporate leaders learned? What are the essential takeaways from the tribulations brought on by the pandemic? How can boards of directors ensure the businesses they serve are positioned to thrive on the other side?

RSM examines those answers and more with this collection of insights from our leaders.

Published in partnership with the National Association of Corporate Directors, this outsert was originally packaged with the print edition of the November/December 2021 issue of NACD Directorship magazine.

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