Creating a dynamic workforce in professional services firms

The battle for talent continues

Oct 25, 2022
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It’s the question on the mind of every professional services executive: How do we navigate today’s choppy labor market by recruiting and retaining top professionals? The question has become essential as the pool of talented employees continues to shrink. So what are your current and future employees considering as the job market remains highly competitive?

Career paths: Transparency is key

Firms must provide clear progression paths to ensure their employees know where they need to focus to advance their careers.

87% of employees and 71% of HR directors agree that providing career road maps is important to recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Source: Citrix Talent Accelerator

Flexibility/hybrid work: Should I stay or should I go (to the office) now?

Today’s professional service workforce expects flexibility in when and where they work.


of knowledge workers are now working in hybrid arrangements


say they prefer hybrid work


want flexibility in where they work


want flexibility in when they work

72% of workers who are dissatisfied with their current level of flexibility at work say they are likely to look for a new job in the next year.

Source: Future Forum Pulse Survey

Training: Prioritize learning and development

People are the core of professional services firms. As the battle for talent shows no signs of stopping, firms should consider doubling down on learning and development investments.


 of workers want to update their skills


say upskilling opportunities are an important reason to stay at their job


say job training and development increased their satisfaction

Technology: Harness the power of technology

Leading firms are leveraging new technologies to provide training and skills-based learning to enhance the employee experience.

88% of professional services leaders say their digital transformation has sped up since 2019 compared to an average of 78% across other industries.

Source: Salesforce, Trends in Professional Services

Successful firms aren’t simply enabled by technology but driven by it. It’s how you compete in tight labor markets. Minimizing the time it takes to do administrative tasks makes employees’ lives easier and creates a better work-life balance.
Sonya King, RSM Professional Services Senior Analyst

Talent experience: Inspire passion and purpose

In professional services, the employee experience goes much deeper than workplace culture.It’s about improving the experience across a range of milestones. Leadership teams should know what their firm stands for and how they can espouse these values across the firm.

RSM contributors

  • Damon Frank

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