How Dynamics 365 can help manufacturers improve customer experience

Sep 22, 2021
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Middle market manufacturers have faced countless disruptions to their supply chains and workforces over the last year and a half. Even now, as confidence in the sector’s recovery is improving, supply chain bottlenecks persist and hiring continues to be difficult as the labor market tightens.

All of these challenges could have a significant negative impact on manufacturers’ operations if they do not take a proactive approach to insulating, maintaining and improving their customer experience, which is central to driving revenue.

As challenging as it may seem, the current economic environment means superb customer experience—which encompasses the totality of a customer’s interactions with a given company—is more crucial than ever. This is not an area where companies can afford to falter right now. Consistent, positive, timely interactions between your team and customers are essential.

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Customer Service—a business application module within Dynamics 365’s service platform—is one tool that can enable your business to meet these expectations.

Here are some areas where Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help:

  • Easier connection: Customers today want more access points than just phone or email. Dynamics 365 Customer Service lets you communicate with customers using newer technologies such as virtual agents and chat functions.
  • Timely response: Dynamics 365 Customer Service can communicate to customers that their requests have been received and provide them with status updates. Customer issues can automatically be routed to the correct team, minimizing the resolution time. Service level agreements are used to ensure that you can serve your customers in an accelerated and timely manner.
  • Improved continuity: Customers don’t always interact with the same representative when they make contact with a company. Dynamics 365 Customer Service can capture a 360-degree view of your customers so whoever interacts with them can quickly find customers’ current and past issues in a centralized, accessible location.
  • Speed of service: Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights serves up suggestions on how to solve your customer issues based on the data you have. Artificial intelligence-driven technology empowers agents to solve customer issues faster, thereby improving customer satisfaction, as well as overall customer experience.
  • Feedback: Companies can leverage Dynamics 365’s Customer Voice to gather customer feedback. You can use this data to gain deeper insights into how your customers are feeling about their experience with your company.

RSM can assist midmarket manufacturers in their technology journey as they strive to optimize customer service and achieve business success. Contact us to learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you provide a better customer experience.

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