Denials tool helps health care systems improve revenue cycle efforts

Quickly determine root causes of denials with our customized solution

Jan 09, 2021
Business transformation Health care

Every health care finance professional knows that revenue denied usually means revenue delayed. Denials are such a pervasive feature of the revenue cycle that keeping track of the where, the when and the why are a daily challenge. What can health systems do to stay on top of this growing dilemma?

Watch our video to learn about a powerful tool that can make sense of your blizzard of denials, helping you recoup lost revenue and maximize reimbursements. Our tool, along with help from our dedicated health care consultants, can sort through your 835s and quickly answer all your questions, including:

  • What are the top procedural issues?
  • Which payers are the denials coming from?
  • Is there an issue with specific facilities or physicians?

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