10 timely insights affecting the health care industry

Oct 20, 2021
Health care

Did you miss RSM’s Virtual Health Care Day? Don’t worry. We’ve captured everything in recordings and on-demand webcasts.

For an at-a-glance summary of our “Fireside Chat and Industry Outlook,” the program that kicked off the day, check out 10 things on the minds of world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm, RSM’s Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas and RSM’s senior health care analysts, Rick Kes and Matt Wolf.

RSM Virtual Health Care Day—10 timely insights

  1. Pandemic surges and hot spots will continue to stress the health care industry.
  2. Population-based data systems are fragmented in the U.S. systems, and reporting improvements are paramount to improve pandemic response.
  3. Robust economic growth is expected in the United States, the best since the 1980s.
  4. Reopening of the U.S. economy is not complete due to the delta variant.
  5. Health care has underinvested in the patient experience.
  6. Patients will demand a customized experience that delivers value.
  7. Telehealth volumes are slowing, but the genie is out of the bottle. Patients like the service.
  8. Strategic and financial investors will continue to pour money into the health care sector.
  9. The labor market will challenge sustainability and growth in the health care ecosystem for the foreseeable future.
  10. Leading health care organizations will leverage technology to augment administrative and clinical workforces.

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