Webcast recap: Key takeaways from RSM's public sector economic outlook

A closer look at what’s truly affecting the economy

Feb 04, 2019

In our recent public sector webcast examining the economic outlook for 2019, Kevin Depew, RSM’s deputy chief economist and national industry eminence program leader, shared insights on areas such as the impact of the labor market and interest rate changes, to housing affordability and how global financial conditions are upsetting the U.S. economy. The following webcast clips capture three key takeaways from the presentation.

How does policy affect the economy?

Kevin shares why Wall Street may not be the best indicator of marginal changes in the economy and how paying attention to policy decisions is actually the more accurate way to assess what’s happening and what’s to come. Listen to the following clip.

The impact of trade spats

According to our webcast poll, nearly half of those attending the presentation indicated trade disputes and tariffs posed the biggest risks to the economy, in their estimation, compared to interest rate increases and global growth slowdown. Listen to the clip below as Kevin shares why trade frictions have such a ripple effect in state and local economies.

What's happening in housing?

The housing market may see challenges in 2019 due to lack of available lots, affordability issues, shortage of skilled workers and regulatory costs. There are other factors as well affecting housing outcomes. Listen as Kevin provides an overview of the housing market, and how challenges could affect property taxes, real estate prices and the overall public sector.