Product recall reporting could save you millions

The ability to quickly and easily generate a product recall report can save a company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. In the food and beverage (F&B) industry, companies need a product recall solution that not only pinpoints the root cause but also provides a related report that is easy to understand and administer.

Product recall

At any given time, a manufacturer needs the ability to react to potential product contamination issues. A customer could call and notify that they have fallen ill due to a food or beverage product that they recently consumed. It is imperative for suppliers to quickly identify the root cause of the issue, place holds on current products in inventory that are a match, and contact all involved parties to alert them of the situation.

In short, product recall and traceability are critical to all F&B companies. To be able to quickly act and respond in any situation could be the difference in millions of dollars related to potential damages and lawsuits. An optimal recall report should provide detailed transaction tracing for full visibility, and:

  • Trace forward from purchase orders, supplier relationship management (SRM) receipts and production orders
  • Reorganize inventory transactions by affected areas, including customers, production orders, on-hand inventory balances, inventory dimensions and work centers
  • Directly match transactions, including purchase orders, SRM receipts and production orders
  • Provide added fields in the reporting to identify growers, ranchers and others related to the supply chain

Utilizing a recall reporting solution, at your fingertips, you are able to run through a simple product trace wizard and then generate a user-friendly report displaying all customers and vendors that may be affected. This functionality ensures the timeliest of product recalls protecting not only the end consumers but the entire supply chain.

RSM contributors