Food and beverage companies provide traceability with blockchain

All segments of the food value chain win with blockchain

Aug 10, 2021
Food & beverage Blockchain

Today’s consumers want to know exactly where their food comes from beyond what the label says—is the product actually "organic, " "farm raised, " or "all natural "? The want and expect an unparalleled level of transparency, which requires food and beverage manufactures and distributors to ensure they can provide traceability.

Blockchain can benefit all actors along the food value chain in various ways. What truly differentiates blockchain from other technology solutions is its design, which provides immutable verification in a network where not all actors trust each other. This valuable feature identifies accurate sourcing, mitigates fraud and enables better confidence among all partners and consumers.

Below we break down the various benefits that blockchain provides for every segment of the food value chain.

RSM contributors