Audit Innovation Digital & data innovation

Human insights, powered by technology

Middle market companies operate in a fast-paced business environment where change is constant, information is currency and collaboration is critical. Staying ahead of it all requires innovative technology tailored and implemented through the power of critical thinking. RSM’s expanding ecosystem of technology relationships and advanced digital tools enables our auditors to deliver audit solutions and insights that provide broader business value to your organization.

At RSM, we view innovation as a dynamic component of how we empower our audit professionals to bring more efficiency and value to the audits we perform. Rather than applying a static technology platform across all businesses, as some of our competitors do, the benefit of our audit innovation technology ecosystem is our ability to apply technologies that are tailored to your particular circumstances and to deliver insights that are relevant to your business.

Our innovative approach is supported by three pillars—automation, data analytics and the digital audit experience—to increase efficiency, minimize disruption and surface new information. RSM clients benefit from the digital velocity we employ.

Our technically astute and digitally savvy auditors understand that every business is unique. We consider the issues that are important to you and the complexities of your environment to scale digital tools to meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go. We analyze broad data sets to understand key issues central to your business and industry and bring them into focus through data visualization technologies. Our auditors apply their industry knowledge and understanding of your business to translate information derived from the audit into actionable insights for your business.

Innovation, collaboration and the evolution of audit compliance

RSM is shaping the future of the middle market through audit innovation and technology. We are evolving our processes and designing tailored engagements that meet the compliance needs of our clients. This video illustrates how we are identifying innovations that drive middle market companies forward.