Middle market optimism for the next 6 months

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An improved outlook will spur more investment, MMBI survey finds

After a year of whipsaw change in the American economy, senior executives at the nation’s middle market businesses see economic conditions turning the corner over the next six months, according to the May proprietary RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey. And they are planning to make productivity-enhancing investments that will help their companies compete in the hypercompetitive post-pandemic economy.

The survey of 404 senior executives, conducted from April 7 to April 28, reflected an optimistic outlook for the economy, one that is on the cusp of the most robust expansion in decades.

Among the findings:

The takeaway

We anticipate a new wave of competition once the economy fully emerges from its pandemic-induced slumber that will feature the pulling forward of a decade’s worth of technology into the next few years. This is a positive development in both the long run and in the near term.

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