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Coronavirus webcast series: April 1, 2020

Tax and lending relief under CARES Act, strategic response planning


Webcast clips

CARES Act: Tax considerations to provide liquidity and more

(18:35) - With the CARES Act passing last week, how should businesses respond and what tax considerations should be considered?

CARES Act: Loans for small and middle market businesses

(17:15) - Are you going to be able to take advantage of the lending facilities within the CARES Act?

Taking a strategic approach to COVID-19 response planning

(11:53) - Hear more about RSM's COVID-19 response framework and how you can prioritize your efforts with a long-term perspective.

Economic impact of COVID-19

(09:30) - What's the latest economic impact since COVID-19 has hit the U.S.? Hear more on recession and recovery, the labor market and how long until the U.S. is back to full production. 

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