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Experiencing the 5 C's: Collaboration


Our firm’s vision is to be the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally. At RSM, our people are Caring, Curious, Collaborative, Courageous Critical thinkers. We call these the 5 C’s – the five characteristics of a first-choice advisor. They’re core to our culture and what enable us to be great client servers, teammates and leaders. RSM Partners Christa Clark, Craig Wickwire and Meredith Gilbert share how collaboration drives our private client services (PCS) practice.

In our Private Client Services (PCS) practice, collaboration is a key ingredient for success. “We provide trusted, credible advice to high net-worth individuals and families, family offices, fund executives, C-Suite executives and business owners,” said Christa. “In order to do this, we collaborate with our RSM colleagues across the country and around the globe to leverage the diverse experience within the firm.” Meredith added, “We also provide value to our clients by building strong relationships with their other advisors to ensure we are in regular communication in order to provide cohesive planning across our different fields.”

PCS is divided into six verticals based on the type of client. Craig explained how they collaborate across verticals to develop tailored approaches for our clients’ unique challenges “The verticals are not silos. I may have a client in our fund executive vertical who needs help with estate planning, so I’d collaborate with teammates aligned to our ultra-high net worth vertical to bring in their estate planning specialties.”

Christa added, “It is important we understand the service offerings of each vertical so we can effectively plug them in as needed – wherever they are on their wealth journey.”

PCS is a hands-on, personal practice. Building relationships with our clients can spark more collaboration. “Our deep client relationships provide us with a robust understanding of their needs, including those needs aligned to other lines of business,” said Christa. “We often look beyond PCS and collaborate with teams across RSM to bring audit and consulting services to our clients as well as deep industry expertise.”

Collaborating across the firm doesn’t only extend to our more than 85 offices across the U.S. Meredith described how her financial intermediary team collaborates around the world. “PCS is an established practice across our global network, which expands our capabilities to 116 countries. Our clients are exposed to international issues more than ever before, so we are fortunate to collaborate with RSM network firms in other countries to bring cross-border specialization to individual clients. We are also committed to developing relationships with our PCS colleagues in other countries to help ensure our service to our clients is as seamless as possible.”

Collaboration allows our PCS team members to build community at all levels, widen their scope outside of their office location, and to learn from each other. “There are times where we may not have the expertise to solve a client matter, but because of our PCS relationships across the firm we know who to call to collaborate on determining a viable solution,” said Craig. “Serving our clients collaboratively leads to efficiencies and it’s more enjoyable when we’re working together as a team.”

Benefits for both our teams and our clients prove that collaboration truly is the ingredient for success. “As PCS leaders, we regularly connect on thought leadership and hot topics in each vertical to identify how we can work together,” said Meredith. “The more we collaborate, the more our teams and clients succeed.”