Support along the way: Andrew Richards’ onboarding experience

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Starting a new job can also mean new feelings of uncertainty. We work to ensure all of our employees not only feel comfortable but also encouraged to ask questions and bring their authentic selves to work, right from the get-go. Andrew Richards, consulting associate in Cincinnati, shares his experience of first joining RSM and onboarding tips for future colleagues.

While pursuing my degree in information technology, a consulting position never really crossed my mind since my coursework had a highly technical focus. This made me a bit nervous about entering this type of profession. I felt I had a lack of education and experience about how to interact with clients and how business processes impact technical solutions.

My director was supportive during my onboarding process and kept an open line of communication with me, helping me prepare for client work. This included studying to become more familiar with our technical tools and meeting my new teammates.

When I started my first client assignment, my team was very knowledgeable about the technical components we needed to complete the project and provided me guidance along the way. I gained exposure to clients and how I could best integrate with a team, and began to understand that any technical solution we deliver is derived from discussions with business leaders.

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I also felt supported to ask questions when I did not understand my requirements. I can attribute most of my initial success at RSM to the constant support provided to me during this project and getting outside of my comfort zone to learn new skills and tools. I felt supported to ask questions when I did not understand requirements. As a new hire, it’s so important to remember that you’re honestly not expected to know everything and that your colleagues are more than happy to help out.

From having questions answered to getting feedback on project work, I always received the support I needed during my onboarding experience. My advice to any new hire is don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help from your peers. In my first year at RSM, I have learned that everyone wants to see you succeed. If you’re struggling with something, speak up! RSM hires amazing people, but none of them are mind readers (at least not yet).

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