Mentorship, development and the career advisor relationship: Ross and Steph share their perspectives.

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At RSM, career development and mentorship are priorities—whether it’s your first year on the job or decades into your career, we provide you support, tools and resources to ensure your growth and sense of belonging. Ross Tawil shares his onboarding experience and Steph Johnson reflects on her role as a career advisor.

From your first day to the many days ahead in your career, our RSM culture provides a welcoming environment that fosters your success story through mentorship and meaningful career development. And like Ross, Steph and so many others, the career advisor relationship will play an impactful role in that story. 

Everyone here was super welcoming, not just those with a connection to me on the NetSuite team. Everyone asked me how I was doing and whether I had questions. When I did have questions, I was comfortable and not reluctant or scared to ask. That was true of people at all levels—all the way up to partner. I’ve felt comfortable raising my hand and asking for a chance to participate in things that wouldn’t normally fall into my lap. That’s made me a better consultant and made my job that much more enjoyable.
Ross Tawil, supervisor

The firm pairs all professionals with a career advisor to help them set career goals and provide feedback, coaching and mentoring. I currently serve as a career advisor to four teammates and creating that comfort level for new associates is one of the most important things anyone in a mentoring relationship can do. The quickest way to make someone feel comfortable is to show them that you are seeking to understand them as a person versus just overloading them with information about you and the firm. I like to mix in casual interactions like lunches or coffee to just ask how things are going and to talk about their goals. And even before jumping into a project meeting, taking time to check in with them on any concerns or questions is really helpful. There’s something really rewarding about teaching. But it also opens your eyes to the things you know and the things you don’t. It’s a great way to identify gaps in your knowledge and can lead to your own development.
Steph Johnson, director

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