Making an impact through your passions: Marketing Director, Lori Spencer

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We celebrate and support the unique qualities and passions of our RSM colleagues and the immense impact those have on our workplace and communities. Lori’s passion and dedication for her work, her hobbies, and giving back is instrumental to her success at RSM, her community, and her zest for life!

For me, the sky truly is the limit. In fact, I have gone skydiving 17 times and plan to go for even more. I stay true to my passions, but I also takes it a step further and use many of them to make an impact.

One of my passions is my career in marketing. I am the marketing leader for my region and also serve as the national automotive marketer for our global automotive team. My goal is to be a first-choice advisor for those I team with and serve at RSM. I have a responsibility to get to know them so that I can help them be successful. I truly enjoy my job and each of the partners I work with provides a new perspective on maximizing the impact of my role—and that’s one of the ways in which I grow!

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I also strive to make a community impact through involvement in various charities in my community and my family traditions. My family volunteers regularly, but we also have this great tradition where we place an envelope in the Christmas tree and add money to it throughout the holiday season. We draw names on Thanksgiving, and that family member gets to choose the charity that the collected funds go to.

I want to teach my kids that life is bigger than just us, and that together, we can make an impact in someone else’s life.

My passion for charity matches my passion for writing and creating influence through my written words. I have been writing since I was 12, picking up a pen any time I am feeling inspired or moved, and hope to one day be a published novelist. I have many other hobbies, including running, cooking and of course, skydiving.

My passion for life is contagious and reflects all I do in my work at RSM, my philanthropic contributions and my daily interactions with each person I meet.

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