Campus hire to health care partner and industry analyst: Rick Kes

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Through RSM’s Industry Eminence Program, Partner, Rick Kes has developed into a resource for leaders as they navigate economic and technological shifts in the health care industry.

In Fall 2018, RSM launched the RSM Industry Eminence Program (IEP). I was selected to join the inaugural class. RSM designed the IEP to prepare and position new senior analysts to understand, forecast and communicate macroeconomic issues that affect the middle market industries RSM serves.

While the IEP was designed to deliver our firm’s strategy, The Power of Being Understood®, to the industries that we serve, for me it has helped me become very present in the market. By that I mean, with this training I have been able to become a core, real-time resource for health care leaders as they navigate the economic and technological shifts with the greatest impacts on their business.

I came to RSM as a campus hire in 2006. From day one, I had the opportunity to work specifically with health care clients. During my career, I have served some of the firm’s largest health care provider clients as well as many health insurance entities. 

The minute I heard about the IEP I instantly decided I’d apply. I knew it was for me. Once accepted into the IEP, a kick-off meeting sets the stage for the three-year program. This meeting still stands out to me as one of the most memorable experiences of the entire program. I remember this was a big “aha” moment for me; I realized the extent to which the eminence program would transform my career, as well the firm, and this meeting set the bar for all of my experiences thereafter. The investment RSM makes in its talent is industry leading and truly inspiring.

Paths for senior analysts vary greatly - some deliver thought leadership and forecasts to those industries where they are experts while others become part of pursuit processes, providing insights during the proposal stages with target companies, for example. Others may be brought in as part of strategic meetings with key clients and targets. I have addressed large key accounts and spoken to C-suite members, for prospecting, cross-selling or simply to serve as a sounding board, someone who understands the risks, can interpret and represent the data meaningfully, and help clients make the connection between strategy and action. 

Going forward, I see the value of the eminence program continuing to accelerate. Overall, the experience has been nothing short of transformative, allowing me to focus beyond my sector to deliver enterprise-level insights with confidence and clarity. It has been a wonderful opportunity.

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