Support for universities

University giving

RSM's value of stewardship—acting responsibly—calls for us to give back to our profession and support the next generation of business and technology professionals. We do this in part through our University Giving Match program and through our University Impact fund.

University matching programs

Through its University Giving Match program, the RSM US Foundation has provided matches for donations made by RSM partners and principals to colleges and universities, including (but not limited to):

  • DePaul University, RSM Fellowships, $1,000,000. Supports fellowships that enable the university to continue attracting and retaining high-quality educators.
  • University of Northern Iowa, RSM Endowed Chair in Accounting, $1,000,000. Supports a professorship that enables the university to continue attracting and retaining high-quality educators.
  • The University of Iowa, The RSM Institute of Accounting Education and Research, $560,000. Supports the university’s Institute of Research. 
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, RSM Isenberg Fund, $250,000. Supports the RSM Student Scholarship endowment and the RSM Student Lounge.
  • Iowa State University, RSM Fellowship in Accounting, $225,000. Supports a fellowship in the Department of Accounting in the College of Business.
  • The University of Iowa, RSM’s Wilfred H. Heitritter Excellence in Tax Fund, $64,000. Honors the late RSM Partner Bill Heitritter and supports UI accounting students participating in a competition to develop solutions to complicated tax problems.
  • University of North Dakota, RSM Scholarship in Accounting, $50,000. Supports annual awards to students in the accounting program. 
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, RSM Faculty Culture Initiative, $77,000. Supports a staff retreat and resources program.
  • Illinois State University, RSM Impact Fund, $20,000. Supports faculty recruitment and retention and provides scholarships and professional development for accounting faculty and student leaders.
  • University of California Riverside, The Andrew and Michael LeMond Memorial Scholarship Fund, $20,000. Supports the entrepreneurial endeavors of UCR’s theatre, film and digital production students.

University Impact Fund

The RSM US Foundation University Impact Fund (UIF) provides financial support for U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities that have an impact in communities where our people live and work. Funding supports programming, events and activities that help schools empower future professionals in such focus areas as women, technology, diversity and inclusion, and innovation. Rather than target individual students, funds are used to provide larger student populations with access to speakers, programs, networking and other resources.


Through the RSM US Foundation, we are proud to support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders through 27 U.S. student scholarships annually. We are proud to support students across the country in alleviating the financial burden of funding their education, while achieving their goals – in school and beyond.