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Resources for racial understanding and inclusion

Inclusion starts with “I.”

At RSM, we believe inclusion starts with “I.” This means each professional at RSM is committed to doing their part to advance racial understanding and inclusion across the firm and within our communities. To support our activities, we are sharing our internal resources for the benefit of our clients and others who want to drive meaningful change and create a more equitable future.


Allyship is an important component of helping create greater equity and understanding.

Organizations have an opportunity to take action by investing in and engaging as allies in matters relating to race. Demonstrating care and being curious, driving collaboration and using critical thinking courageously fosters understanding, deepens learning and influences skeptics.

People who think of themselves as allies benefit because they have more frequent and effective conversations with others. This has very important social, institutional and organizational impact.

Our ally priorities list was designed in response to employee network/resource group member requests and encourages allies to take a clear-eyed look at the energy and activities that comprise their anti-racism practices.

Courageous conversations

Courageous conversations form the basis for deeper understanding. They challenge us to push ourselves beyond what is comfortable and hear a variety of perspectives to encourage empathy and inclusiveness. 

To hold a courageous conversation, it is important to abide by certain ground rules and principles:

Ground rules

  • Assume positive intent
  • Consider your voice important in educating others on our journey to inclusion
  • Extend empathy and suspend your reaction to the shared views and comments of others
  • Be open to understanding
  • If a perspective differs from yours, lean in, ask questions and seek common ground
  • Give leaders feedback that will help individuals, teams and the firm grow

Four agreements of a courageous conversation

  • Stay engaged: Staying engaged means “remaining morally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially involved in the dialogue.”
  • Experience discomfort: Discomfort is inevitable, especially, in dialogue about race, and that participants make a commitment to bring issues into the open. It is not talking about these issues that create divisiveness. It is through dialogue, even when uncomfortable, the healing and change begin.
  • Speak your truth: This means being open about thoughts and feelings and not just saying what you think others want to hear.
  • Expect and accept no closure: This agreement asks participants to “hang out in uncertainty” and not rush to quick solutions, especially in relation to racial understanding, which requires ongoing action and consideration.

Our Courageous Conversation Guide provides additional resources and questions for you to hold your own courageous conversation.

Culture, diversity and inclusion at RSM

Being an equitable and inclusive firm where diverse talent excels is a critical part of RSM’s culture—it’s one of the things that sets us apart.

Thousands of personalities make up RSM. Our inclusive workplace celebrates the differences among our talented people, while enabling their success at work and in their personal lives. Diversity is a journey, not a destination.

RSM Courageous Conversation with the PGA TOUR

Increasing understanding and pressing for change.

For the 2020 RSM Classic, we joined the PGA TOUR to discuss the challenges of racism and steps we can collectively take to increase understanding and bring about change. Check out a clip from this important conversation.

Environmental, social and governance practices

We strive to be the middle market leader in sustainable business practices that drive positive futures for our clients, colleagues, communities and firm.