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2019 Pursue Your Passion Winners


In celebration of the firm’s 90th anniversary in 2016, RSM launched its Pursue Your Passion program to encourage its people to commemorate the milestone by applying for a chance to pursue their passions, with monetary support and time off from the firm. Following the success of the program over the first three years, RSM continued the contest. Each year, Pursue Your Passion winners are awarded with $90,000 ($10,000 each) and nine days of PTO (paid time off) to help them pursue their passions.

Meet Our 2019 'Pursue Your Passion' Winners

  • Barbara Adler (tax manager; Dallas, TX) – Make improvements to her impoverished small town’s food pantry and enhance the area’s farmers market. View Barbara's post-activity story here
  • Nick Crombie (senior associate; Raleigh, VA) – Expand his knowledge around augmented reality and create apps that teach kids about self-confidence, teamwork and caring for others.
  • Lucrecia Gray (manager; San Antonio, TX) – Create and donate quilts to Quilts of Valor and offer sewing classes to keep quilting relevant with a new generation. View Lucrecia's post-activity story here
  • Alissa Hatch (manager; San Antonio, TX) – Take training courses to further develop leadership skills and create stronger bonds among members of her Cub Scout pack. View Alissa's post-activity story here
  • Kelly A. Hughes (finance manager; Davenport, IA) – Keep a promise to her son to attend his football games, even when he travels with his college team to play in Ireland. View Kelly's post-activity story here.
  • Celeste McGahan (project management senior associate; Boston, MA) – Take yoga teacher training and then volunteer to provide classes to help herself and others afflicted with scoliosis. View Celeste's post-activity story here
  • Brittney Royale (associate; Schaumburg, IL) – Establish a fund to help her nephew who was born without a left forearm and pay prosthetics bills for other children. View Brittney's post-activity story here
  • Mary Theo (Alliance talent leader; Boston, MA) – Publish and distribute a children’s book featuring her grandson and his favorite stuffed animal that will provide joy to sick children. View Mary's post-activity story here.
  • Eileen Turkot (international manager; Chicago, IL) – Transform a spare room at her family’s home into a welcoming bedroom for foster children. View Eileen's post-activity story here