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First-Choice Advisor Center

Empowering clients to meet the future with confidence


Clients tell us understanding them and tailoring our insights empowers them to move confidently toward their future.

The RSM First-Choice Advisor Center provides a comprehensive learning, professional development and resource center to enhance our ability to empower clients through the power of being understood®. The center will help us develop our business advisor capabilities to accelerate our progress to become the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders, globally.

Key professionals Rick Davis, Linda Davis and Pat Nunley will serve as the center’s faculty to bring together RSM’s current leading edge client experience curriculum, resources and tools in a single, virtual center. In addition, they will develop new programs to continue to enable our professionals to guide clients through their business opportunities and challenges, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Rick, Linda and Pat also bring additional capabilities to expand our intentional growth and sales enablement services for professional services organizations.


“The RSM First-Choice Advisor Center is the next step in ensuring our clients consistently experience the power of being understood. Our profound understanding of the middle market and what our clients need to succeed is the foundation for distinctive RSM experiences.”

Joe Adams, managing partner and CEO, RSM US LLP

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