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STAR Employee Network Group

Supporting the women of RSM


Stewardship. Teamwork. Advancement. Retention. The STAR network connects all employees interested in women’s work issues. It also identifies and works with high-potential, high-performing women to ensure career success and pathways to partnership.

Through STAR, members have access mentorship, sponsorship, forums for collaboration, community service and specialized training. STAR members also have access to national organizations whose missions are professional development for women, including the AICPA’s Global Women’s Leadership Conference.

Shining a spotlight on women leaders

Each year in March, RSM’s STAR employee network group shines a spotlight on exceptional women in the firm through the STAR awards.

  • March 28, 2019

RSM Celebrates Women's History Month

RSM celebrations Women's History Month by highlighting three of the hundreds of women in strategic leadership positions.

RSM Celebrates Women

March is Women’s History Month, which highlights each year the contributions of women to events in history and society.

Celebrating Women – A Q&A with RSM’s Dara Castle

In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, RSM's Dara Castle recently shared her insights.

RSM’s Women’s Employee Network Group: Women's History Month Winners

In March, RSM has the opportunity to recognize our women across the firm and in our lives in conjunction with Women's History Month.

RSM's Women's History Month Winners Wrap Up

As we wrap up our spotlight on RSM’s STAR ENG 2018 Women History Month winners, we are pleased to announce our final winners.