Buy-Side Due Diligence Services

Detailed solutions for complex deals

Historically, buy-side due diligence may have meant simply performing a quality of earnings analysis. However, the mergers and acquisitions industry has matured and highly complex transactions are no longer exclusive to large deals, but are now the norm.

RSM provides support at every stage of the transaction process by identifying the value drivers, risks and opportunities that are most critical. Our approach considers not just the quality of earnings, but the key business drivers, industry-based issues and diligence around all aspects of the deal, including IT, cyber, tax, synergies and operations.

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Our pre- and post-transaction buy-side due diligence services help reveal risks and opportunities so you can make an informed decision about how and whether to proceed. We help you dig into all aspects of the business:

  • Financial: We assess the target’s quality of earnings, working capital, debt and debt-like items, provide pro forma summaries, and much more.
  • Information technology: We review the IT infrastructure of the target, taking an operations-first approach to analyze and understand how IT has been or can be used to promote future growth.
  • Cybersecurity: We focus on value protection through identifying cyber risks posed by external threats, internal resources and third-party vendors, as well as ensure the target is in compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Operations: We review the operational capabilities, efficiencies, and growth opportunities of the target, giving you a window into the full potential of the future business entity.
  • Tax structuring: We research the tax implications of a proposed transaction to determine the best tax structure, optimizing a deal‘s value and potential after-tax proceeds under multiple transaction scenarios.
  • Synergy and cost savings: We consider cross-functional opportunities between your business and the target, helping you identify cost and capital efficiencies as well as revenue enhancement opportunities.

At RSM, our rigorous, objective due diligence methodology allows us to analyze and validate financial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal to give our private equity and corporate clients a holistic view to help them make the right investments.

With that in mind, RSM has developed the M&A360TM platform, an outcome-driven framework for transaction support that helps clients drive value throughout the investment life cycle. This full suite of offerings provides a holistic roadmap from pre-close through exit, aimed at creating enterprise value for our clients. Through M&A360, RSM can be your one-stop shop for platform acquisitions, carve-outs, and everything in between.

Transactions are complex. We provide solutions to match.

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