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Camden County leverages RSM services for stronger community outreach

Camden County (New Jersey) Board of Social Services


The Camden County (New Jersey) Board of Social Services provides all of the social service benefits for the county, including food stamps, welfare, emergency housing and employment services. Its technology and processes were established in the 1990s. Processes have evolved over time, but the Board’s technology was never really updated. In addition, the technology was built with a focus on solving single issues without looking at integration with existing systems or future need.

As a result, there was no communication between the systems, and the resulting silos did not allow for good client support or insights into what other services each client was receiving. Since the organization was looking to implement a No Wrong Door system, which meets the Affordable Care Act’s policy providing streamlined access to a caseworker to work on all the client’s benefits, the existing systems were not going to work.

The organization worked with RSM US LLP to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for case management platform to facilitate a system that was going to bridge the entire agency, allowing users to see all information being stored about a client and the cases associated with the client. The RSM team worked with key stakeholders to understand the organization’s model and goals, and developed a system that is effective for all departments and employees.     

By leveraging the No Wrong Door policy in the Dynamics 365 for case management system, applicants now have the same place to start, with a single solution for the entire enrollment process. It is a more complete solution for constituents, and a more efficient and productive platform for agency employees.

View the video below to learn how RSM has helped the Camden County Board of Social Services strengthen its current operations and plan for the future.


No Wrong Door

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