Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for catalog retail

As a nationally-recognized Microsoft partner and solutions provider for the retail industry, RSM is home to one of the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States, including a team of consultants with an established track record of success delivering industry-specific solutions to catalog retailers.

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM leverages this team of technical consultants—each with deep knowledge of Dynamics 365 and the retail industry—to help catalog retailers gain operational visibility and streamline complexity to ultimately drive profitability and sustainable growth. It is this unique combination of hands-on industry knowledge and technical skill that perfectly positions RSM to bring catalog retailers the power and functionality of its flexible, end-to-end solution suite designed exclusively for the retail industry, built on the proven, trusted Dynamics 365 platform.    

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RSM consultants drive performance of catalog retailers with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As technology continues to influence and change how customers seek out, interact with and ultimately purchase from brands, catalog retail is undergoing a rapid and expansive transformation, evolving beyond its traditional, printed offerings—which account for approximately 11.9 billion mailings annually—into a digital realm that now encompasses internet-based catalogs that enable viewers to sift through wares at the click of a button.

Succeeding in either or both of these models requires catalog retailers to deliver a consistent, creative, highly functional product that caters directly to viewer preferences for quality and professionalism. With hands-on industry experience, RSM’s team of Dynamics 365 consultants is also uniquely qualified to help catalog retailers leverage the solution’s advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities. Acting on data-driven operational insights, they are able to hone competitive advantage and differentiate themselves in a brutally competitive marketplace—ensuring their final product is one that meets shopper demands for ease of use and functionality while also encouraging exploration and inspiring purchases.

RSM understands catalog retail pain points, business drivers

RSM’s top-level Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants have years of experience providing a deep and granular level of support for catalog retailers clients based on their understanding of the complex issues and operational challenges faced by the industry. Likewise, RSM’s solution is designed to focus on key industry business drivers—addressing the challenges these companies must meet and address—including requirements to:

  • Rethink and rebrand traditional outreach: Create dynamic, interactive print and digital catalogs that encourage and promote consumer engagement and strengthen brand affinity through modern design and formatting elements that visually capture reader attention, integrating such features as multipage, photo-only spreads or long-form essays into catalogs to transform them from strictly sales tools into a source of reader inspiration.
  • Converge digital and physical shopping experiences: Position catalogs as extensions of a brand’s total presence, enhancing—not replacing—brick and mortar and online sales, providing an informative and interactive customer experience as shoppers travel across channels on the path to purchase, ensuring catalog product descriptions and pricing data are accurate across all forms of media.
  • Optimize visual representation: Organize product offerings in meaningful, organized and approachable ways to help readers visualize their use and context, leading them to more informed purchasing decisions and increasing their sales value by raising the likelihood of additional sales by grouping like items together for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Reach niche audiences: Appeal to the interests of select groups of shoppers through targeted catalog offerings designed specifically for niche markets—establishing cutting-edge thought leadership and mind share, which can ultimately lead to increased market share—providing such offerings alongside or in place of traditional big book fares.
  • Enable service agent agility: Equip agents with the product and customer data necessary to deliver top-notch support services for catalog-initiated sales inquiries, providing them with real-time visibility into merchandise promotional campaigns, inventory status updates and fulfillment turn-times, as well as shopper order history and buying preferences, to drive sales and improve customer loyalty. 

Experienced in the development and deployment of industry-specific Dynamics 365-based technology solutions, RSM’s consultants help catalog retailers boost promotional return on investment (ROI), improve sales performance and cater to an increasingly discerning consumer base with its single-platform solution suite designed to meet just these types of industry-specific challenges.

RSM delivers Dynamics 365 functionality, designed specifically for catalog retail

RSM’s catalog retail solution is built directly on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, designed specifically to give catalog retailers the creative freedom and flexibility they need to create products that appeal directly to their audience base, with tools that encourage design agility, boost production efficiencies and maximize resources, featuring functionality such as:

  • Business-specific designations: Streamlining the complexities often associated with operating a catalog business, retailers can designate specific data such as promotions, pricing and inventory availability to apply strictly to catalog sales, keeping this information separate from online or brick-and-mortar data to boost accuracy across the enterprise.
  • Feature-rich product attributes: Enhancing product offerings by adding attribute data such as HTML rich text, images and videos into identified products, retailers can easily set up digital catalogs that feed into online stores, even incorporating attributes for products available in brick-and-mortar stores and call centers.
  • Direct call center feedback: Integrating communication and operations directly into the their call center for order entry, order processing and order fulfillment, catalog retailers can streamline the service process and better track campaign ROI, measuring catalog delivery against incoming orders through this channel to determine outreach effectiveness.
  • Timely development and distribution: Managing catalog production to match timelines for new product lines and product releases, retailers can deploy rapid development tools designed to expedite time to market, ensuring mailings are consistent with retailer offerings and are indicative of up-to-the-minute growth and progression.
  • Centralized returns management: Speeding and simplifying the returns process through a central management system, catalog retailers can quickly retrieve original point-of-sale (POS) receipts, including those that originated from catalog sales, scanning a barcode to reveal item return eligibility, helping to reduce fraud and ensure overall accuracy.
  • Optimized back-office fulfillment: Receiving and confirming customer purchase data, catalog retailers can instantly track fulfillment progress as the orders travel to the warehouse and across the supply chain to delivery, speeding the sales process and putting materials into the hands of shoppers more quickly.
  • Targeted mailing lists: Linking a catalog to one or more lists of customer addresses, retailers can target specific audiences or audience segments to promote offerings tailored directly to their preferences and tastes, using data acquired from sales histories, transaction details, wish lists and other means.
  • Call script management: Defining and managing specific language to be used at call centers upon receipt of catalog-initiated service calls, retailers can deliver a consistent brand experience across this channel and encourage better informed call routing and resolution. 
  • Promotional response rate tracking: Creating specific key codes or source codes tied to the catalog and linked to the sale in order entry, retailers gain insight into promotional success by tracking how many orders were received over the course of the campaign, driving more informed design and delivery decisions. 
  • Ongoing product clubs: Defining an ongoing product club or continuity program, such as a book-of-the-month club, catalog retailers can create a schedule of mail-order products to be sent to customers who purchase into the program, promoting client interaction and boosting brand loyalty. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to help catalog retailers meet complex functionality requirements fulfilling myriad customer demands around ease of use, quality and professionalism. Adding retail industry accelerators from RSM to enhance out-of-the-box functionality also optimizes how quickly and effectively RSM’s catalog retail clients are able to respond to these and other industry-specific challenges—paving the way for sustainable success.


As an industry and technology certified Microsoft partner, RSM is one of a select few of co-development and emerging market partners working on micro-vertical specific application enhancement retail. RSM has earned Microsoft’s gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status. 

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Distribution Excellence Award
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Retail Solution Center Partner
  • Distribution Solution Center Partner
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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