Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for retail call centers

Nationally recognized as a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to the retail industry, RSM is home to both one of the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States, and top-tier consultants with proven, hands-on experience providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions in retail call center environments.

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM is uniquely positioned to leverage industry knowledge and extensive technical experience to bring call center clients the proven power and functionality of RSM’s flexible software solution suite designed exclusively for the retail industry and built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. 

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RSM consultants deliver enhanced performance for retail call center operations

As a main hub for product inquiries, returns management, order processing and much more, call centers are the epicenters of the retail customer service experience—and an integral part of a successful and profitable retail strategy. With a recent Microsoft survey revealing 97 percent of customers worldwide believe customer service is important or very important in their choice of or loyalty to a brand, it is clear that empowering call center associates with the tools required to knowledgeably and accurately respond to shopper requests for support is essential to fueling sustainable growth—and precisely the functionality Dynamics 365 for retail is designed to support.

Hands-on industry engagement, combined with unparalleled technical knowledge and the highest possible partner certifications, make RSM’s team of Dynamics 365 consultants uniquely qualified to deliver Dynamics 365 for retail solutions to call center clients, equipping users with the ability to provide a superior level of service across every interaction, turning every request for support into an opportunity to build a deeper, more meaningful customer connection—strengthening brand reputation and value.

RSM understands retail call center pain points, business drivers

With years of experience providing a high level of support for retail call center operations, RSM’s industry-leading Dynamics 365 consultants are skilled in helping retail clients pinpoint and address the pain points and business drivers associated with their operations—revealing how RSM’s single-platform, end-to-end solution suite is able to address their unique industry challenges, including requirements to:

  • Support omnichannel customer interactions: Track and organize customer activity, from inquiries to final orders, as shoppers move across myriad channels and utilize multiple devices on their path to purchase. Ensure associate responses are consistent throughout each environment for a unified brand experience.
  • Enable more timely response rates: Reduce wait times and improve employee efficiency by routing interactions across the call center to appropriate personnel as required, expediting issue resolution, reducing caller frustration and significantly speeding sales order entry, processing and fulfillment processes.
  • Leverage sales and engagement potential: Recognize each call as an opportunity for customer interaction, conversion and retention, utilizing engagement tools such as predefined call center scripts to direct conversation and establish shopper loyalty and trust, building more meaningful—and profitable—customer relationships.
  • Optimize effective records management: Maintain a centralized database of shopper inquiries, open and closed cases, and even purchase histories, for a 360-degree view of each customer. Instantly access this data as required to better support and serve clients, route requests, and provide feedback and follow-up.
  • Improve enterprise-wide visibility: Accurately respond to customer inquiries around order delivery dates, shipment priorities, backorder product timelines and more. Quickly access client profile data to view the status of all outgoing orders and incoming requests for support. 

With proven experience delivering Dynamics 365-based technology solutions that help call center clients boost associate performance, improve timeliness and enable operational agility, RSM’s consultants specialize in helping clients meet challenges across the industry, delivering solutions to these and other operational challenges with RSM’s industry-specific solution suite built on the flexible, proven Dynamics 365 platform.

RSM delivers Dynamics 365 functionality, designed specifically for retail call centers

RSM’s solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and designed specifically to help retailers respond to customer demands for professionalism and performance in every area of the call center, featuring tools that provide associates with real-time updates on mission-critical data, and featuring functionality such as:

  • End-to-end account management: Leveraging built-in automation to speed routine elements of customer service, including keyword searches, order entry, assisted sale functions and enhanced order fulfillment, call center users are equipped to provide a complete, comprehensive level of support across a variety of client needs, establishing long-term brand loyalty and helping to boost the level of returning, satisfied shoppers.
  • Integrated financial oversight: Expanding the capability of the call center to include cost management and pricing functions, call center users can instantly access integrated product pricing, promotions and discounts mapped to meet customer needs, offering and managing flexible payment options, such as installment billing, as required.
  • Order hold management: Automatically putting orders on hold, then reviewing and processing, or cancelling and releasing these orders, as needed, call center users can track sales progress, maintain more accurate account records and provide more timely and better-detailed client updates.  
  • Up-sell and cross-sell promotions: Utilizing automated tools designed to promote up-selling and cross-selling—such as pop-ups that appear during call center order entry to suggest additional, associated products to be sold or call center scripts crafted strategically around such initiatives—call center users can increase both overall customer value and sales performance.
  • Real-time order updates: Viewing detailed order and order line status updates that give up-to-the-minute progress on all orders—including partially shipped and backordered items—call center users can more accurately estimate and respond to customer inquiries around product delivery times.
  • Quantitative customer weighting and scoring: Allocating a quantitative value to customers based on their associated recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) scores, call center users can identify and court high-value clients, more effectively strategize methods to engage and retain low-ranking ones, and sort customers against this framework to direct marketing and outreach campaign efforts.
  • Out-of-balance parameters: Establishing standards for in- and out-of-balance parameters, call center users can quickly identify customers who have overpaid and underpaid, with the ability and authority to hold accounts until such issues are managed and resolved with the client. 

RSM’s industry-specific solution suite for retail is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and strategically designed to boost functionality and performance across all segments of the retail environment, adapting to meet a variety of associate and customer demands in call center operations. With additional retail-specific accelerators from RSM to enhance out-of-the-box functionality, retail call centers are able to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness with which they are able to address industry-specific challenges and meet associated goals, leading to a more meaningful—and profitable—customer experience.


As an industry and technology certified Microsoft partner, RSM is one of a select few of co-development and emerging market partners working on micro-vertical specific application enhancement retail. RSM has earned Microsoft’s gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status. 

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Distribution Excellence Award
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Retail Solution Center Partner
  • Distribution Solution Center Partner
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development II
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal Development I
  • Dynamics 365 Advanced Administration
  • Reporting and Business Analysis for Dynamics 365

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