Point of Sale with Microsoft Dynamics® 365

Extend sales channel visibility and functionality to the entire buying ecosystem

Microsoft® Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) for retail point-of-sale (POS) retail software and store management functionality allows the store to operate in a comprehensive multi-channel environment. Cross channel scenarios such as buy on line and pickup in store or buy on line and ship from store are supported. The application can be deployed on several different mobile platforms making it easier to fit within an existing environment. The application simplifies retail operations by centralizing customer, item, pricing and promotions management. Systems administration is also centrally controlled using profiles for hardware, functionality and menu operations. 

Features & Benefits

Support A Cross-Channel Retail Strategy
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail POS is part of a greater retail operations application that manages operations across ecommerce, brick and mortar and call center channels. The application helps retailers facilitate loyalty programs and drive cross-sell and up-sell efforts. Sales associates can quickly access customer information and history, whether they’ve ordered online, in the call center or in any store to expediently provide better customer service. Some examples of scenarios supported include:

  • Buy online/call center, pickup in store
  • Buy online/call center, ship from store
  • Buy online/call center, return in store
  • Order in store, fulfill in ecommerce/call center warehouse

Serve Customers Better With Complete, Real-Time Visibility
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail simplifies retail operations by centralizing inventory management. This allows for real-time lookup of chain-wide inventory availability. Real time information allows associates to more quickly assist customers and reduce mistakes.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution – Same Application
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail can be deployed to a tablet or phone device to reduce transaction times and improve customer service. The tablet based POS offers all of the functionality that is offered in the traditional POS without a separate application or deployment strategy.

Centralized Returns Management Reduces Fraud and Waste
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail speeds returns operations by centralizing returns management. Simply scanning a barcode retrieves the original POS receipt no matter where it originated. The associate is then presented with items “eligible” for return. The application removes items previously returned from this list. Centralized returns management makes returns quick, easy and more accurate.

Social Media Feed Integration Increases In-Store Traffic
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail offers the ability to conceive, construct, target and publish retail offers to social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers can track these offers through these feeds and present the offers in-store in the form of a barcoded coupon. The store associate can then scan the coupon to trigger a special offer for the customer. The redemption of the offer is tracked for a closed loop marketing analysis.

Microsoft SharePoint Store Portal Reduces Centralizes Collaboration Efforts
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail provides a “Store Portal”. This portal provides information on tasks in progress, such as expected purchase orders or transfers, active promotions and open cycle count requests. In addition the portal is provided on SharePoint so policies, procedures and training and training material are all available on line.

Expand Across Countries and Banners
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail provides a multi-banner, multi-country retail operations platform. Assortments can be centrally managed for each store. Stores can exist in multiple countries or legal entities but still be managed in one place without switching between applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is localized in 37 countries and is available in 42 languages.

Centralized Customer Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail provides for centralized management of customers across channels. This means that if a customer registers on your website, that customer will be available in the brick and mortar store. Customer information, including orders are available to associates regardless of source. Customer loyalty programs are available in the store for tracking multiple card, single account point based programs.

Centralized Application Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail uses profile driven configurations to manage hardware, menus, visual layouts and security from a central location. Profile driven configuration reduces the time to manage and operate the application in the field and makes it easier to deploy the application. Profiles can be assigned to a machine but overridden by login. This allows for a manager menu to be presented to managers on the same machine as for regular associates. This also allows for menu presentation based upon language preference or handedness (left or right).

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