Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics®365

RSM for Life Sciences includes advanced functionality to drive growth and profitability for pharmaceutical manufacturing:

  • Chargeback Management: RSM, together with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX), can help you lower the high cost of chargeback management.
  • Single Platform: RSM allows you to manage pharmaceutical manufacturing operations on a single platform—no more dealing with multiple spreadsheets in different departments. This is especially significant when dealing with customers, direct and indirect contracts, accruals and pricing.
  • cGMP Manufacturing: RSM provides quality systems, shop floor control, traceability, serialization, and electronic batch records (EBR).
  • Counterfeit Products: With RSM, you can defend yourself against counterfeit products.
  • Chain of Custody: RSM enables you to manage requirements to track the chain of custody.
  • Regulatory Oversight Costs: With RSM,  you can reduce the cost of regulatory oversight, thanks to the benefits of managing with one validated system.
  • Validation Services: RSM provides validation services to assist with the support and documentation process, which can result in a significant reduction in time spent for equipment qualification.
  • Visibility Across the Enterprise: With RSM, you gain real-time data visibility, instead of just periodic updates, critical to fully understand business costs and efficiently managing operations.

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