Order Entry with Microsoft Dynamics®365

A single view of customer activity, product promotions, inventory and fulfillment

Providing a positive customer experience at the point of sale is critical to converting a loyal, long-term and profitable customer. Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) for Retail's Order Entry functionality is user-friendly and enables customer service representatives (CSRs) to deliver an expedient purchasing experience that ensures high levels of customer satisfaction and meets growing expectations for timely service delivery. 

Features & Benefits

Efficient Order Entry Screens
CSRs are able to quickly key in customer orders and leverage automatic data defaults to ensure an expedited standard ordering process. Order entry software system is 100 percent keyboard enabled with hot keys available for most common tasks.

Keyword/Item Search
Dynamics 365's Order Entry functionality features the ability to search for an item by keyword. Once the item is located, the CSR can see, in real-time, what inventory is on-hand. The item is also shown with a picture and short description so the CSR can easily verify with the customer that it is the correct item.

Upsell/Cross-Sell Wizard
Increase the revenue potential of each sale. CSRs are provided with an intuitive, rules-based wizard that features items that can be upsold and cross-sold to the customer based on their selection as well as real-time inventory availability by size or color. CSRs also get an upsell script to provide them with the right verbiage to introduce the new item to the customer during the order entry.

Full Order Event Handling
Full order event handling functionality includes hold processing and fraud detection. Online address verification is also available.

Supports Multiple Payment Types & Delivery Addresses
Dynamics 365's Order Entry functionality allows for multiple payment types and includes fully supported credit card processing with online authorization. The Dynamics 365 Order Entry solution also supports gift certificate redemption. Should a customer wish to ship items to multiple addresses, this can also be handled easily within the order entry screen.

Continuity Sales
CSRs can set up and manage continuity and subscription orders or start a customer in a continuity program with the Dynamics 365 Continuity Sales module.

Ensure Accurate Order Totals
Postage and handling calculations are performed automatically for any orders designated to be shipped. Tax verification also occurs during the ordering process to ensure totals are complete and correct. CSRs can see when an order is expected to be delivered to the customer along with shipping options, if available.

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