Automate, integrate, analyze, and manage invoicing and expenses

OfficeCast is a web-based solution tightly integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP for capturing vendor invoices, expense reports and time entry by project.

Old school turned new school

OfficeCast replaces the tedium of old-school vendor invoicing, expense reports and time entry with a well-integrated automated process with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Vendor invoices
The integrated invoicing module will allow you to create and submit itemized invoices for approval, then keep them in an online database to help you keep track of expenses and budgets, no matter where you are.

Expense reports
The expense report module gives you the ability to upload receipts with itemized descriptions for approval to cut down on clutter and keep everything organized. You can also instantly access previously submitted reports and get feedback in real time.

Time management
The integrated time sheet solution provides you with the ability to instantly upload, approve or deny employee time sheets, and increase transparency for clients while minimizing errors and duplicate submissions.

Project analysis
Project analysis provides a complete overview by company, divided into number of hours billed per project, by which employee and the cost per hour, giving your company deeper insight into your key data in order to help you be more efficient.

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